The easiest way to save up for a home for digital nomads.
Rent apartments around the world and get 30% of your payment back.
How It Works
Book an apartment in Flatwise network and move in
Browse our catalog to find an apartment that suits your nomadic lifestyle. Fill out a short form to book your apartment. Check in at a selected date and get the keys.
Pay rent monthly and get 30% back in real estate shares
You get 30% of your rent payment back in the form of real estate shares. To put it simply, you become the co-owner of the apartment. The share you get grows with every month of staying at any apartment of our network.
Grow or sell your shares online in two clicks with us
You own and manage your shares entirely, even if you aren't renting at our network anymore. Hold your shares on your Flatwise account as a long-term investment or sell it anytime and get the cash.
Rent to live, save and earn
  • Spend 7.6% less in rent payments
    • The ultimate cost of renting is 7.6% lower than the market average driven by the real estate share value you receive.
    • On top of that, the real estate share you get grows with every month of renting, whereas your rent payment goes down.
  • Save up for a house while traveling
    • Don't see yourself bound to a single location now, but dream of your own property in future? Save up for your property by renting with us and allocating 30% of payment amount towards real estate shares.
    • Use this equity for your down payment or to purchase an entire property. Start now, pick a place to settle later.
  • Invest in real estate with 9.5% annual growth
    • Hold your shares on your account long-term for higher gains or trade fast for immediate return.
    • Our apartment network is diversified by location and type with an average value increase of 9.5% YoY, which makes for a more sustainable growth.
    • No intermediaries involved - we own the apartments and rent them directly to our customers.
Curious how much you can save?
You can start saving 7.6% in rent payments now and even more with every month of renting at our network. Bear in mind the real estate grows in value, so your savings may double over time.
First month
Total after 1 year
Total after 2 years
Total after 5 years
We rent our own apartments. The model we use is similar to mortgage payments.
And you are not attached to a single location.


Flatwise apartment network spans 5 countries and is soon to expand beyond! Travel wherever you want and find a perfect place to match your nomadic needs.

For Individual Nomads

Studio apartments fully equipped and close to downtown.
Starting at €490/month.

For Families & Couples

1-bedroom apartments with cosy private areas and spacious kitchen. Best option for couples and families.
Starting at €1,190/month.
We Get You Covered
Free cancellation
You can cancel for free up to 14 days before check-in
No hidden fees
The monthly rent is fixed for each apartment of the network
Sell share anytime
We make it smooth for you to sell your shares at a market price
Dedicated workspace
Every apartment has a work desk, a comfortable chair and prepaid WiFi
Great location
All our apartments are located within 3 miles from the city center
Response rate 100%
We respond to applications and any questions within 24 hours


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