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We are currently in the process of launching our own network of apartments. However, you can already choose apartments in different cities and stay for a specified period of time. This will help you calculate how much cashback you can accumulate towards purchasing your own home in any of the 19 cities around the world.

As part of this demo, we will show you examples of carefully selected apartments that we plan to acquire as our own property.
Plan your digital nomad trip
Choose apartments you like
Choose a city,
the apartments that you like,
and the desired rental
Design your digital nomad trip
Keep refining your travel plans for the perfect digital nomad trip. Aim for at least a 5-year route duration to showcase the product's full value
Choose an apartment to settle in
As the final destination, choose the city where you intend to settle. The total rental duration should not exceed 25 years
Submit for the calculation
You will also discover how much you can earn and the significant
benefits of Flatwise compared
to local rentals
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