Rent your dream apartment and earn a 30% cashback in property shares.
All with your same nomadic lifestyle.
Rent to live, save and earn
Earning 30% back in property shares every month
Renting with Flatwise
From €490/month
No earnings
From €370/month
Renting on your own


Flatwise apartment network spans 5 countries and is soon to expand beyond! Travel wherever you want and find a perfect place to match your nomadic needs.

For Individual Nomads

Studio apartments fully equipped and close to downtown.
Starting at €490/month.

For Families & Couples

1-bedroom apartments with cosy private areas and spacious kitchen. Best option for couples and families.
Starting at €1,190/month.
How It Works
  • Book apartment in Flatwise network
    Fill out a short form to book your apartment. Browse our catalog to find an apartment that suits your nomadic lifestyle.
  • Move in and pay your rent monthly
    Check in at a selected date and get the keys. We charge monthly for the apartments in our network and require a %50 deposit.
  • Earn a share in our properties with every monthly payment
    Every month we credit a share in our real estate to your account. A share size is determined by the current property market price and equals ~30% of a monthly payment.
  • Grow or sell your share anytime
    You own and manage your shares entirely. Hold your shares on your Flatwise account as a long-term investment, savings option or sell it anytime back to us or peer-to-peer at a current market price.
Manage Your Shares
  • Make it a long-term investment
    We offer apartments at the most attractive locations around the globe with an average market value increase of 9.5% YoY.
  • Trade your shares
    Sell your shares at a market price anytime. We enable you to sell back to us or find a buyer among other Flatwise shareholders.
  • Save up for an apartment
    You can save up for an apartment entirely by travelling and renting. Use your cashback balance to buy out a property from our network.
We Get You Covered
Free cancellation
You can cancel for free up to 1 day before check-in
No hidden fees
The monthly rent is fixed for each apartment of the network
Sell shares anytime
We make it smooth for you to sell or trade your shares at a market price
Our lifestyle changes every year as technology evolves. Millions of people switched to working remotely and got a terrific opportunity to travel around the globe. Yet very few businesses have thought of providing these people with the same advantages others enjoy .

We find it unfair! Regardless of location an individual shall be able to access common products and services.

Unlike settled individuals and families, a seamless and clear process of purchasing a property is now nearly unavailable for digital nomads.

We ourselves had to decide too: work remotely and travel, or live in an apartment tied to a city and pay down a loan. A settled lifestyle offers a lot of ways to purchase and own a property fast and secure. What does the world have to offer travellers and digital nomads? Likely most of them have no clue how to maintain a nomadic lifestyle and still save up for a dream apartment. We at Flatwise set out to tackle this issue.
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